23 september 2010

Vart går Afrika?

Afrika - framtidens kontinent
Författare: Dowden, Richard

Seminariet var på engelska vilket gör att mina antecknar också är det :)

There is a lack of hopelessness; there are more human genetic diversities in Africa than all other countries in the world combined. The roots of Africa’s problems are that all this different people live to close to each other.

Only Africans can develop Africa. Aid is good and can help, but it will never develop the country. Change must come from inside.

You can see change in Ghana and in Uganda, where the middleclass is growing, the church is stabilizing and the people are pushing boundaries with patience and on the own way. The process is slow, but all Africa has its own time.

Richard gave positive comments about Sweden; it’s not only charity, but true engagement.

He says otherwise that there are a lot of tensions among the world leaders. The must be polite, so they’re not have to be scared to be stabbed in the back. This inhibit honesty and genuine cooperation.

Se hela seminariet på Kunskapskanalens UR Play.

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